low life

by tobias the owl

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ive been low living like i do
ive been tired when the day is through
half awake as i try to face the night
i would sleep but id only dream of you

low is the life and i know that i'm right
cold is the comfort it brings in the night
fast i will hold to these truths that i know even though
they really never seemed quite real to me
so ill keep on lying low

ive been swept and brushed under the rug
like the dust collecting in my thoughts
i have tried to shake the cobwebs off
but they grow back whenever i wake up

ice is the lining that grows on my wings
down from the sky im adrift in the night
soft is the sound as i crash to the ground
knowing you will never hear the news
and you never will be told
so ill keep on lying low

low i will lie and ill stay out of sight
far from the thoughts you keep close in your mind
years will pass by and ill hide from the light
knowing you will never think of me
and in your distant memory
i will keep on lying low


released 12 April 2013
all words and music copyright tobias the owl




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tobias the owl Portland, Oregon

tobias the owl is an acoustic, electric, and multi-genre collaboration between alexandri cherenkov from the bands worldeater, the earthwalkers, and carion; and keight fabian from the bands iconicloud and stringfellow.

keight and alexi met playing at the avian house in pdx, and quickly recruited several co-collaborators.

for now, the new album is available at house shows when the band plays live.
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